3 Special Qualities Of Kangaroo Leather

3 special qualities of kangaroo leather

It doesn’t get more Australian than kangaroo leather, which is not only coveted locally but an in-demand material all over the world. Harrison Australia is proud to use quality Australian tools, hardware and leather, with each product made from cowhide or kangaroo leather. If you own a few kangaroo leather pieces or you are looking to upgrade your wallet accessories, here are 3 special qualities of this unique material and why it deserves a place in your lifestyle.


1. Highly durable

Leather is often a preferred material for a number of reasons, and chief among them is the durability leather provided. When comparing real and faux leather, real leather is always going to weather the years well and last for decades to come, unlike its synthetic counterpart. Kangaroo leather is even stronger still, and that has to do with the complex collagen that is found in the skin of kangaroos. What we know about collagen is largely from the beauty industry, with luxury brands and boutique facialists aiming to provide collagen to repair damage and keep its form while still maintaining elasticity. We also know kangaroo steaks to be tough and lean when compared to other meats.

When we consider our wallets, belts and our leather products - they do require an extra line of defence so that they can last longer and remain intact regardless of the environmental factors. A kangaroo leather wallet is going to be more reliable than cow, lamb and other leathers due to the unique characteristics of the animal.


2. Soft and luxurious

With all this talk about how durable and strong kangaroo leather is, you would be forgiven for thinking that kangaroo leather goods would also feel touch. This couldn’t be less true. Kangaroo leather is very soft to touch and malleable enough so that our Harrisson Australia leather designers can create beautiful designs with the material. In fact, each of our products bears a stylish embossed logo on the front of the wallet or underside of the belt, accompanied with fine stitching that complements the colour and texture of the kangaroo leather. In fast fashion and even luxury fashion, it can hard to find accessories that are both soft and durable, but kangaroo leather does not require a trade-off making it perfect for all customers and uses.

Kangaroo leather is also easier to clean and maintain than other leathers, such as suede and nappa leather. This means that your kangaroo leather can be cleaned less frequently but show no signs of wear for longer.


3. A slice of Australiana

It’s always special to secure a beautiful item or trinket from a unique part of the world, especially if you can use that item in your daily life and be reminded of the beauty found in that area. Kangaroo leather brings a slice of Australiana to the many local and international customers who are looking for quality, or a point of difference to those who receive it as a gift. 

Unlike other destination gifts and materials, kangaroo leather is luxurious with great longevity, making is a stylish way to celebrate Australian makers and designers. The kangaroo leather card sleeves and kangaroo leather billfold wallet remain some of the top-selling items on the website, with their timeless designs being celebrated by New York bloggers and fashion influences. Keeping in step with the relaxed sophistication of the leather itself, you will find the kangaroo leather only in black and a rich brown to echo the colour tones of Australia’s outback.


Harrisson Australia is the result of hard work and a love for the Australian tools and materials that are fortunately available to our talented team of designers. Buying kangaroo leather is to invest in a premium quality product, and you can find the full range here on the Harrisson Australia website.