Harrisson Australia is an artisan manufacturer of high-quality men’s and women’s leather accessories, created by second-generation leather craftsman Jake Bexley. With over 40 years experience in leather-crafting, we use traditional hand tools and the finest materials to produce a superior, Australian product.

Jake has always had a passion for leather craftsmanship. Rex Bexley, Jake’s father, has been crafting leather for forty years, giving Jake the opportunity to grow up learning from him.

“I remember I would catch the bus from school and walk to dad’s shop “Leather Lasts” and sit next to him on a wooden stool as he crafted.”

Jake was fascinated by the colour and the texture of the leathers his father used, and the quality of the finish on belts and bags. 

"They felt soapy, so soft and supple, rich natural tans and blacks, making me want to explore every texture, every shape.”

In January 2014 Jake was taking a flight from Singapore through Changi Airport with a few hours to wait. Jake hunted through all the high-end leather shops looking for that texture – that feel and design. Despite a thorough search, Jake found that all the leather pieces had a similar look and nothing really grabbed his attention. It was all mass-produced and the designer labels didn’t really match quality for asking price.

While waiting to board the plane, Jake had a light bulb moment. He decided to follow in his dads’ footsteps. It became a time-consuming obsession, sourcing a constant supply of materials within Australia, fine tuning the designs and making and adapting the hand tools and machinery to create truly unique leather products.

Jake now produces a range of durable, stylish, men’s and women’s artisan designed leather goods, including billfold wallets (small, stylish and compact), mens’ and womens’ leather belts, smart phone and tablet covers and unisex key rings. The range will expand in the coming year.

At Harrison Australia, we are dedicated to using 100% real leather, and offer a five-year warranty on our complete range.
Jake says, “My leather comes from kangaroo or cow hide. I always use 100% leather and never bind it with a man-made material such as PU (or polyurethane / bi cast) leather. This means that when my customers take home a belt or wallet they can expect a beautifully made, long-lasting, superior-quality item.”

After five years, our products still look like new. They soften yet retain the quality finish and feel that you loved when you first tried them on.