Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo leather is the primary leather used at Harrisson Australia, and this design decision has been made for a number of reasons. If you haven’t purchased a kangaroo leather product before or want to know why it has such a fantastic reputation among retailers and savvy shoppers, let’s discuss kangaroo leather and its unique makeup.

Durable leather

Kangaroo is known to be one of the leanest mammals in the animal kingdom, and this is why many choose kangaroo steaks over other cuts of meat. Kangaroo leather also contains more collagen than any other leather, making it strong enough to withstand not just daily wear, but decades of use. Collagen is a protein that repairs skin (and other parts of the body) contributing to its strength and elasticity, which are elements to look for in your leather goods. By the time this premium kangaroo leather arrives at our workshop, it is very soft to touch but unbreakable in it’s toughness. Then bound with our quality stitching, each kangaroo leather wallet is unrelenting in its quality and structure.

Uniquely Australian

Kangaroos are a quintessential part of Australia, and one of the more recognisable parts of Australian culture according to other parts of the world. Owning a kangaroo leather piece is having a slice of Australiana in your pocket, and it’s a great way to support Australian leather designers and the leather trade that is thriving all over the country. Cowhide is another leather used here at Harrisson Australia, but it does not have the same cult following because it can be found in other stores and parts of the world. Kangaroo leather can make a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special, or bring some intrigue to a lucky gift recipient who is not from Australia.

Five-year warranty

Given the genetic makeup of kangaroo leather and premium touches our leather designers apply to each and every leather product, it is unlikely that your kangaroo leather wallet or luggage tag will break down. However, if you do experience a manufacturing fault, each of our customers receive a five-year warranty on all goods so you can shop in or out of Australia with absolute confidence. Simply look for our warranty card next time you order and keep it safe in the premium packaging it arrived in for safekeeping.

Kangaroo leather goods

Our leather designers make high-quality leather goods that are built to last, but we make sure that we use this leather on the products that require that strength and finish. Our kangaroo leather luggage tags are made from black and brown kangaroo leather, making them the ideal travel companion and ready to withstand international and domestic elements when you travel. Our popular range of billfold wallets and card sleeve wallets are also made from kangaroo leather, ensuring that they keep their structured form no matter how many cards or notes you contain within them.

Who is Harrisson Australia?

Harrison Australia is headed up by Jake Bexley, who is a second-generation leather designer and has been carrying on the family name by striving for quality leather goods that are linked to Australia. Melbourne-based, Harrison Australia ships high-quality leather goods all over the world and has received praise for their craftsmanship in Australia and beyond. If you would like to learn more about Harrisson Australia, visit our About Us.