Men's Leather Wallets


      Find handmade leather wallets from Harrisson Australia, made in Melbourne and shipped globally to a growing customer base of style seekers looking for quality men’s leather wallets. Each of these handmade leather wallets for men are designed using Kangaroo leather and premium materials, with the leather billfold wallet receiving global acclaim from fashion influencers. Each of these stylish genuine leather wallets for men come with a subtle embossed logo, with the slimline design ideal for all outfits and occasions. Find an Australian made leather wallet to compliment your style and taste, including the men’s leather card holder and the compact leather bifold in black or a rich brown.

      Kangaroo leather wallets are designed to last, with the natural properties making it the most durable leathers in the world. Buy a men’s wallet from Harrisson Australia today, with each men’s wallet accompanied by a five-year warranty against materials and craftsmanship. All leather wallets are delivered in a premium boutique packaging, making the perfect gift for yourself or a special someone who wants a wallet made to last.

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