The Qualities Of Fine Australian Leather & The Types We Work With

The Australian outback and its neighbouring farms cover a large stretch of land, with its cattle and wildlife in high supply. When it comes to handmade leather goods, Harrisson Australia ethically sources Australian leather in a number of states, bringing our customers the finest quality leathers that have come from hardworking farms and retain a piece of this great southern land. If you have never had a kangaroo leather item or can’t say where your cowhide leather goods have come from - let’s get to know the qualities that make Australian leathers so popular and what types you can expect from each item.

Kangaroo Australian Leather

One thing you might have heard about kangaroo leather is that it is incredibly tough and durable, although it is always soft to the touch. Harrisson Australia has long been an advocate for Australian leather, but kangaroo leather does such a fine job of being lightweight for our customers who don’t want to be weighed down, and also has those strong elements that keep our products looking fresh for decades to come. No one wants a lightweight wallet that has to be replaced by your next birthday. 

Kangaroo leather has a construct of collagen fibres that makes it unique from other animals, and this is why we use kangaroo leather. You will often find that kangaroo leather is used for heavy-duty purposes like furniture, motorbike protection apparel. This leather makes fantastic quality men’s wallets, so let’s take a look at some of our most popular kangaroo Australian leather products:

Cowhide Australian Leather

Cowhide Australian leather is another cut we use for our handmade leather goods, and the product is always a stylish finish. Many brands and websites will tout the quality and make of their leather goods, but the proof is always in the longevity and form of your leather, and Harrisson Australia stand behind that quality. So, how does cowhide leather differ from kangaroo leather? Cowhide is a very natural, and often unbleached skin and hair from a cow. The beauty of cowhide is that you get these rich colours that need no alteration, and we at Harrisson Australia will retain these gorgeous brown, tan and black colours to keep their authenticity. 

Cowhide leather is tough enough, but we lock in the look and feel of this fine material by also vegetable-tanning this Australian leather. This acts as a protective layer and is 100% natural and made up predominately of tree bark. Here at Harrisson Australia, cowhide leather makes up a key part of our handmade leather goods, and here are some of the most popular products purchased by our global customer base:

Generations of experience and a respect for quality

Harrisson Australia has a deep appreciation for quality handmade leather goods, and we are proud to supply customers with leather wallets in Australia and beyond - as well as the many other products we offer. By buying from a local, family-run business, you are taking a slice of Australian culture and can enjoy the beauty of these handmade leather goods for decades to come. 

If you have any more questions about the way we craft our products, check out our blog to see our step by step belt making guide and the considerations we take to make them as beautiful as they are. You can also reach out to our team online, and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our new product release and any upcoming sales.