Women's Leather Belts


      Women do not seem to have the same options when it comes to women’s leather belts, with high-end designers and affordable retailers failing to provide reliable and stylish leather belts that meet the needs of the modern woman. Harrison Australia has worked with leather for generations and has designed a collection of women’s leather belts that are chic at work and functional at home. Available in a 20mm and 30mm thickness, the belts are sold in a 30” to 44” size with subtle chrome plating hardware to slide into a wide or narrow belt loop. Each belt is shipped in premium packaging and a boutique box in which to store the leather belt to retain the shape and smooth texture.

      Harrison Australia has worked hard to become one of the best Australian leather designers, with customers all over the world enjoying the range of ladies leather belts. In fact, each women’s leather belt comes with a five-year warranty that covers any manufacturing faults. Purchase one of the women’s black leather belts or women’s brown leather belts today - or take one of each and always have the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.

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