5 Ways To Use Your Slim Card Sleeve Wallet

5 ways to use your slim card sleeve wallet

Despite the advancements in technology and apps, many of us still find ourselves with a lot of physical cards. Perhaps they are loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards or even access swipe cards - they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Harrison Australia is passionate about bringing style and function to Australian and international customers and designing wallets that can eliminate bulk and contain all your necessary cards. This is why the men's card sleeve wallet is a top seller. If you are still deciding whether you need extra credit card sleeves for wallets, here are 5 ways you can use the slim card sleeve wallet.

Use it as your wallet

Customers that find our Harrisson Australia wallet range are almost always in search of a slim wallet solution, and the slim card sleeve wallet actually ticks all the boxes if you are looking for something practical and lightweight. The range includes a black and brown Kangaroo leather card sleeves, with the option of three or five pockets for your cards. If you are one to drop your cash in the car console or a jar at home, you might find the simplicity of these card sleeve wallets to be perfect for your lifestyle, and guaranteed to slip effortlessly into any pocket.

Use it for card overflow

Already have a wallet that you love? Your men’s card sleeve wallet doesn’t have to replace your core wallet, and can simply serve as a stylish solution to your card overflow. There are always cards that you don’t use every day, and maybe not even every week - so relocate your infrequently used cards to your slim card sleeve wallet. 

Many of our customers have bought our card sleeve wallets for this very purpose, and keep it in a place that is easily accessible (the car console, office desk) so you have them when you need them. In fact, some have even placed their full card sleeve wallets inside their core wallet, if you don’t mind a little bulk.

Use it for your work cards and access swipes

In the same way you have a laptop bag, briefcase and accessories for work, the slim card sleeve wallet can also serve a great purpose Monday-Friday. Contain your swipe access cards, work identification and any work credit cards in a dedicated card sleeve wallet that you can keep in your work bags. Not only does this take the pressure off your core wallet, but it also reduces the chance of you losing cards that may be sensitive to your workplace. This makes the card sleeve wallet a great corporate gift for men or women.

Use it occasionally on a night out

Card sleeve wallets in Australia are synonymous with going out and shedding the bulk of your normal wallet in favour of something slim and functional. Not only does this give you more freedom over your outfit as you don’t need to accommodate a bulky wallet, but you can leave those work credit cards, gym memberships and other cards safe at home as you don’t need them that night. If you are buying for a male loved one who loves to go out or who infamously hands his cards to someone else to carry - this might be the gift that they have been searching for.

Use it for your back up cards

Do you have some card double-ups? Maybe you were issued two at the time or like to be prepared in the event of losing your wallet. Whatever the case, the slim card sleeve wallet can house those backup cards. This is great to fall back on if you misplace your work swipe card and can use your back up, or maybe even a second transport card with some money on it just in case you need public transport and are without your normal transport card. Containing your back up cards together can be especially useful when you are travelling, as most banks issue two travel cards and advise that you carry relevant secondary identification in the event you lose your passport or travel itineraries. 

While Harrisson Australia offers men’s card sleeve wallets, their timeless style also makes them suitable for women who might have a need for a card sleeve to contain their back up cards in their normal lifestyle or when travelling.

Harrison Australia loves to package our card sleeve wallets in their quality packaging and send them to customers all over the world. Our card sleeve wallets come highly reviewed and serve a number of functions. If you would like to find out more about Harrisson Australia’s leather wallets, contact us today!