Kangaroo Leather vs Cowhide Leather

Harrisson Australia is a family business now in its second generation of design. And while the name and direction might have changed, Kangaroo leather and cowhide leather has always been the material used to create our quality range of leather goods. Not only does Kangaroo leather and cowhide leather secure you a piece of Australian culture and fashion, but they are some of the most sought after materials on the market.

If you can’t decide between a Kangaroo leather wallet or a cowhide leather belt, allow us to break down the difference between these two types of leather.

The weight of cowhide and kangaroo leather

It’s hard to draw too many similarities between kangaroo leather and cowhide leather, and the weight of these two types of leather is the perfect example of that. Kangaroo leather is a thinner material, which is typical of the high-collagen nature of Kangaroo skin and protein. Cowhide leather is the heavier of the two, and that’s due to the make-up of the animal. When choosing between the two it can come down to what the item in question is. For example, motorbike riders would prefer to wear light-weight Kangaroo leather, whereas a leather jacket for winter might make cowhide a better option.

At Harrisson Australia, we apply a considered approach to the leather chosen for each accessory. Our Kangaroo leather wallets are popular due to their lightweight and ease of fit in the pocket, whereas our belts are cut from quality cowhide leather so that they are sturdy on the hip and thick enough to support the hardware.

The strength of cowhide and kangaroo leather

Strength is another factor that sets cowhide and Kangaroo leather apart, with the latter having a reputation as one of the toughest materials on the market. Kangaroo leather is a unique material that has higher collagen content than any animal, which means it can repair itself over and over and shed old skin cells in place of new and stronger ones. While cowhide leather is strong and durable, Kangaroo leather is significantly stronger. 

With this information, you can make the decision about what leather is going to be best for your intended use. Cowhide is a common choice for fashion designers as the material does not need to be stronger than cotton and other materials, and can instead sit flush or gather softly if intended. Kangaroo leather is strong and structured and should be chosen for products that are required to be sturdy and strong - like our leather wallets that hold their shape and keep cards tightly contained.

The texture of cowhide and kangaroo leather

The texture is arguably one of the best characteristics of quality leather, with its soft surface beating any faux leather that is created with plastics and synthetics. Of course, retailers can treat leathers in a number of ways and manipulate the texture - but raw cowhide leather is softer to touch than its stronger counterpart. You will also see that cowhide leather typically has a bigger grain and might be prone to more imperfections, although that’s the beauty of leather - no two pieces are the same. 

Kangaroo leather has a smaller and tighter grain and is stronger and more structured to touch (despite the lighter weight). While it is still smooth and soft to touch, it might feel different from the other leathers you are more accustomed to.

The longevity of cowhide and kangaroo leather

Leathers are going to last longer than just about any other material, but you can rely on some leathers over others to hold out even longer. As we have discussed, Kangaroo leather is tougher by its very DNA, making it a great choice for car interiors, protective wear and other areas outside of the fashion arena. This is why Harrisson Australia is more than confident in extending a five-year warranty on all leather goods and leather wallets - as they are designed to last decades.

Cowhide leather will also not let you down, but you may find that you need to condition your leather more frequently and you might lose the shape over the years to come. This is why our cowhide leathers are put to work with belts and other leather accessories that do not require a rigid, straight structure over a long period of time and actually benefit from a softer, more malleable design for their purpose.

The verdict

Both Kangaroo leather and cowhide leather are fantastic options for leather wallets, leather belts, leather notepads, leather keyrings and really any leather accessory or fashion piece. Now that you have a greater understanding of the unique makeup of the two, you can be more selective of what leather you want for each and why. The weight, strength, texture and longevity of your chosen leather should be considered so you get more mileage and can take advantage of the stylistic differences.

We often discuss the materials used at Harrisson Australia on our News page. If you are still unsure whether Kangaroo leather or cowhide leather is best for you, you can read some of our articles or contact our team to find out more.