Which is better for men: credit card holders, sleeves or wallets?

Whether you are buying a men’s Australian leather wallet for yourself or someone special - it can be hard to know what you are looking for. Given that Harrisson Australia only makes premium Kangaroo leather wallets, the quality assurance is there... it just comes down to your style preference and needs. Today we are going to discuss the defining qualities and unique benefits of each of our wallet styles; the credit card holders, sleeves or wallets.

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Men’s leather wallets

Some men won’t be able to tell you all the different types of men’s wallets out there, which might be an indicator that they are after something a bit more traditional. Harrison Australia has been making men’s leather wallets for generations, making the perfect slimline alternative to the wallets men have endured to date. If you are looking for something a little more traditional and not quite as compact as a card sleeve wallet or credit card holder, you might find the leather Billfold wallet to be an ideal option.

The leather billfold wallet is a common alternative to the credit card holder and card sleeve wallet for its multifunction. In fact, it was named as one of the “Top Ten Wallets For Men In 2019” and “Best Wallets For Men In 2021” by US fashion bloggers. The wallet contains two card sleeves on the inside of the wallet and a clip for cash notes. This smart design means both functions are securely closed within the inside of the wallet with no cards exposed. If you are one to carry notes and cards, be sure to check out this wallet in black, brown or black with grey stitching.


Men’s card sleeve wallets and credit card holders

Men’s card sleeve wallets and credit card holders are essentially the same and highly sought after by men looking to reduce pocket bulk. In fact, this style was recently named “Best Wallets For Men in 2021” by US fashion bloggers. Harrison Australia’s card sleeve wallets are slimmer than the leather Billfold wallet, but you will be restricted when it comes to carrying notes. 

While there are only three pockets in these card sleeve wallets, the wallets are strong and structured enough to be able to contain up to four cards per pocket. Kangaroo leather is incredibly strong due to the collagen make-up, making these sleeves a fantastic option for men wanting to downsize their wallet or have additional cards contained safely in addition to a wallet.


Considerations before choosing a card sleeve wallet, credit card holder or men’s wallet

Now that we have covered the differences between the men’s wallet and the card sleeve wallet, let’s discuss the factors that will impact your choice between the two. Not surprisingly, we all have different lives and so the way we use wallets and how frequently is going to vary. Before you choose your next Harrisson Australia wallet, explore these factors and ask yourself these defining questions.

Use of notes

Are you likely to carry cash frequently, and would a money clip serve your needs? Or are you cashless?

Use and volume of cards

Do you require a wallet that has few card sleeves, or do you require more? Is the card use frequent (daily access to a building) or occasional?

Bulky pockets

Fortunately, both Harrisson Australia wallet types are slimline - although are you looking for the slimmest option available?

Primary or accompanying wallet

Is this new wallet going to be your primary wallet, or will it accompany a bigger or secondary wallet?

Buying a wallet is a big decision, as we use it every single day. We hope this article has brought you closer to identifying your personal needs and directs you to our leather Billfold wallet or card sleeve wallet. You can also learn more about our products and materials through previous blogs.