Why You Should Use A Leather Notebook

Leather Notebook

Harrison Australia has mastered the art of functional leather accessories and our coveted leather notebook has earned its way into the homes and offices of our global customers. Made from Australian vegetable-tanned leather, the leather notebook is available in black, brown and tan with a subtle embossed logo on the bottom right-hand side.

When it comes to journalling our lives and planning work, our notebooks can go a long way in inspiring our ideas and forming habits. If we invest in the tools at our disposal, then there is a better chance that we will carry on with them. If you are on the fence about whether you should use a leather notebook in Australia or a cheap variation from the corner store - let us persuade you of the former.

To form a journaling habit

Journaling is a great way to start or end the day or even check in with your intentions throughout the year. By capturing the highs and lows of the moment, you can reflect on these later and see how far you have come or even areas that might need re-optimising. By investing in a premium leather journal, you are investing in this habit and will be more likely to reach for the notebook and pen if you have a gorgeous notebook. Keep your leather notebook by your bed to prompt a daily entry if you are new to this process and want to remove any friction.

It shows professionalism

They say that first impressions are hard to change, and you want your accessories to get you off on the right foot with everyone you meet. This is especially important in a professional capacity, as so much communication is non-verbal in these formats. By upgrading your professional belongings you are signalling to the world that you take your role seriously and deserve to be treated accordingly. Our stunning black, brown and tan leather notebooks can make a great impact at a job interview, client meeting or even on your colleagues and peers. Extend your work accessories to include one of these stylish leather journals.

It prompts planning

Having a leather notebook by your side might just be the prompt you need to be a better planner. Instead of absorbing a meeting or letting a moment of wisdom pass you by, jotting it down and building on it could lead to personal and professional achievements. In a digital world, there is something cathartic about tackling a problem on paper or to really illustrate a plan clearly for yourself to refer to later. There is also the added benefit of having it around so that you can open it up and see where your international holiday plan started, or the plans for the bare backyard, or anything that you are creating.

The phenomenon of writing down goals

Research has proved many times over that writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. Knowing you want to buy a home is different to ‘save additional $10k to buy a home in 18 months’, as there is accountability assigned and it takes on more of an action list than a goal list. By owning a stunning leather notebook that you want to use, you are investing in your goals and giving yourself a roadmap to refer to regularly. Remember, your goals can be related to your family, finance, travel or even personal development. Why not plan some goals for the day or next week by writing them down, and see how successful you are.

Harrison Australia is delighted to play a part in the planning and professionalism of our customers, even if it is a small contribution. Get your leather notebook in Australia and have a slice of real local leather to love.