5 questions to ask when buying leather goods

Leather has always been the material we strive to buy, as the quality lasts the ages and these leather goods are typically handcrafted using equal quality materials. Now when you see a ‘made of leather’ tag, we can’t assume that these leather goods have all been made with the same precision as some are mass-produced and others handcrafted by leather designers. 

Now to avoid disappointment with your next leather notebook, leather keyring, or any leather accessory, be sure to ask these 5 questions when buying leather goods.


1. What leather is being used?

There is a huge variance in the make and quality of leathers that brands actually use, leather blends which incorporate faux leather to drive down the cost and subsequent quality. Cowhide is one of the more popular leather choices out there, both soft and sturdy and used on most Australian made leather belts, Australian leather wallets and other accessories. One of the rarer and finer leathers is kangaroo, which produces some fine high-quality leather goods like our Harrisson Australia products. In fact, if you want greater longevity with your leather goods you may find kangaroo leather to be your material of choice as it is the strongest leather on the market.


2. What hardware should I be looking for?

Finding quality leather is one thing, but if the hardware is not up to the task then you may find that your prized leather goods will fall apart long before the leather fades or falters. Stainless steel and nickel make great hardware for high-quality leather goods, especially when you are buying cowhide leather belts and Australian made kangaroo leather wallets that need to be sturdy for the job. Poor quality and synthetic hardware can tarnish with time, and they are not able to be polished and cared for like stainless steel, and the shine will not last forever.

Before you buy your leather goods, touch and play with the function of the hardware, or find out exactly what the hardware is made from.


3. How can I take care of this leather?

Like skin, leather needs to be taken care of to look its best and brightest, and this leather care routine is going to vary depending on the type of leather and the usage. Your wallet, shoes and bags will require more regular leather cleaning, whereas your leather belt and leather notebook will not need to undergo frequent cleaning. Some leather retailers will have their own leather care products, but you can find some quality products from RM Williams and other premium leather brands. You also want to consider the leather you choose and its function - suede leather will not be ideal for a daily use wallet, for example, so have a think about how likely your leather is to get wet or dirty and whether your chosen brand can uphold that wear like Harrisson Australia can.


4. What should I look for in a leather brand?

Fast fashion is an unfortunate fact of our generation, with prestigious brands now having to compete with companies who can make it faster and cheaper. When you are buying leather and paying a premium for it, you want to know exactly what you can expect from that leather brand. Harrison Australia enjoys a number of return customers who are pleased with the excellent quality and Australian origin of every product. Customers also know that all they will receive Australian leather goods and support small Australian leather designers by proxy. You also want to be reading the testimonials and online reviews of your chosen leather supplier to find out what other customers are saying about the designs.


5. What warranty does the leather goods come with?

When a brand extends a generous warranty, you can assume that is due to the premium quality the brand stands behind. At Harrisson Australia, we are proud to offer a 5-year warranty on all of our high-quality leather goods. When you purchase your leather belt, wallet, notebook or keyring - you can expect to find a warranty card in our premium packaging that you can use in the unlikely event that your leather goods experience a manufacturing fault.

If you are looking for a special piece or have some lingering questions about any of our Harrisson Austalia leather good, you can contact us at any time or visit our FAQ’s. Alternatively, you can view our extensive range of men’s leather goods and women’s leather goods here on our website.